Our Products

Crude Oil

Froil Energy FZC has a long standing expertise in trading crude oil. We source vessels and bulk shipments worldwide and have access to all the key crude grades. Our global network of partners ideally located in all the major oil trading regions, allows us to identify changing crude oil flows and evolving market dynamics. Froil Energy FZC captures value throughout the supply chain through its relationships with oil producers, superior logistics capabilities, and strategically located storage facilities. We offer commercial support with specially tailored, structured transactions, applying our risk management and market assessment expertise.

Fuel Oil

Majority of Fuel Oil Distribution is supplied as feedstock. We cater to all specifications and requirements of our Customers. On demand specifications and grades are also supplied, ranging from 125 CST, 180 CST and 380 CST. Strong relationships are central to our fuel oil business and they enable us to respond efficiently to the requests of our customers. We have in-depth awareness of market developments through our activities in all the major oil trading forums. Complementing this with our established network in Pakistan, our partners worldwide and growing presence in the U.A.E., we have both a global perspective and local insight into real time market dynamics.

Middle Distillates

We supply Jet Fuel, Heating Oil and High Speed Diesel (HSD) to the Oil Marketing Companies in Pakistan and work with our partners in other parts of the World to meet all their needs of specialized fuels and Diesel Oils. With a global view of the marketplace, and the ability to ship, store and deliver at their doorsteps, Froil Energy FZC is ideally set-up to support customers with comprehensive services for the supply of various Middle Distillates. Above all, Froil Energy FZC is a trusted partner. We have built our business on long-term relationships and the quality of our operations is highly valued by our partners. We are rigorous in our quality controls and have been supplying jet fuel to the Oil Marketing Companies throughout Pakistan and to our partners Worldwide.

Gasoline & Naphtha

Froil Energy FZC integrates all the elements of competitive pricing, logistics, storage and product optimization. Froil competes efficiently in the gasoline, naphtha and reformate world markets. With a vast clientele in Pakistan and business hubs in Africa and the Middle East we are intimately involved with and intuitively responsive to the supply and demand dynamics of our customers’ needs worldwide.

In an environment where specification varies widely by region, we take pride in the multitude of our Supplier options, our extensive logistic infrastructure, and storage and distribution capabilities to guarantee delivery of the right quality in the right volume at the right time.


Froil Energy FZC is dedicated to sustainable growth in the Petrochemicals market and focused on the global physical trade and distribution of polymers, olefins, and aromatic petrochemical products. We achieve this through a combination of physical off take and marketing agreements, olefin-to-polyolefin tolling, and select investment in high-yield strategic assets throughout the petrochemical supply chain. Froil’s comprehensive understanding of evolving dynamics within the global petrochemicals market allows us to effectively manage risk and optimize value in the commercial transactions we undertake. Our competitive advantage is our history and expertise in Petroleum Engineering & Design that brings value throughout the petrochemicals supply chain. We do this by working with our producer partner’s to optimize their plant capabilities while offering our customers the opportunity to buy from a balanced raw materials product slate at competitive terms with optimum availability and efficiency.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)

Froil Energy FZC is strategically developing its LPG activities to reflect the growing globalization of the LPG market. In Pakistan, we are now a significant participant in the natural gas wholesale market and have a strong customer base of utilities and large industrial consumers and Gas Distribution Companies. We also have a vast network of Partnerships in Africa and the Middle East catering to their local Gas markets. To support our trading activities we have a portfolio of storage and transportation facilities in place across our areas of coverage and continuously supplying services to support large scale consumers with the growing volume of available shale gas.

Bunkering & Marine Fuels

Froil Energy FZC ensures the best quality and efficient delivery of energy needs to marine vessels. The company brings stability and reliability to the global ship fuel market by providing services and expertise to maritime fuel customers that rely on our knowledge of the entire energy space.