About Us

Our History

FROIL Energy, at Hamriyah FZ got conceived / established in U.A.E. to cater the ever-increasing global demand of Crude Oils, Refined Petroleum Products, Lubricants, various Petrochemicals and fuel additives. The footprints are covering over five decades of expertise, based on the reliability and credibility of the group, harboring people with sound background of supply chain management, marketing, blending POL products at various levels, the group holds a reputable business ethics, morality and knowledge to provide desired range of products at competitive prices to its valued clients.

Our culture is grounded in Service, Quality and Efficiency. Owing to the diverse expertise in the Petroleum Industry, an excellent Management Team and a rigorous approach to Risk Management and Compliance, FROIL Energy is becoming key global player in International Market.

Message from C.E.O

Our Mentor/Teacher and Friend.

This message is dedicated with love to our teacher and friend Ghaith Rachad Pharaon. Whatever we learnt about oil and associated fields belongs to him indeed. A man of knowledge and vision, me and my team are always thankful to him for what all is taught. He will always be with us in spirits.

We aspire to be the best.

We believe that being at the forefront in industry, it requires exceptional people with positive attitude, professional expertise, excellent processes, longstanding partnerships and trust of the market, which we continuously seek to improve. Now more than ever, FROIL Energy is positioned to continue to grow and seize upon the opportunities available in U.A.E. and to expand further with already established connections around the globe.

Our Faith strengthened.

Having Faith and belief that once with FROIL Energy, we partner longtime relations and business together, “we truly make our clients valued”. Proudly remain the footing of our business model and strategy.

FROIL Energy, we are destined to dominate the Fuel and energy distribution market in U.A.E and beyond. We balance the demands of our stakeholders creating a sustainable, high growth organization, whilst providing additional value to our people, customers, shareholders and the communities within which we work.

Pleated Ambition and Motivation.

Our partners and associates around the globe make our strength. I believe, we all five partners focused on hard work and faith possess all the requisites to grow and establish a business platform based on morality and truth. We honor our clients and value our commitments. Business or no business, our clients and commitments are based on truth and morality. There is no time span of growth, what my team should be focused is making a network of clients and associates and believe,

“Together we should work and Together we shall rise”

Sardar Khalid Saeed

Our Strategy

Our Model of Business Development is based on Hard Work, Honesty and Developing Longstanding Partnerships based on Trust and Collaboration with other market players.

Over the years, our expertise in Petroleum Trade, Engineering & Design has diversified and increased our exposure to various big players in the Petroleum Industry and enabled us to develop excellent rapport with them. Our Technical proficiency and remarkable insights into the Oil & Gas sectors, we have had great success in serving the Demand and Supply of Petroleum Products and By-Products in the Market. Equally, our strong physical presence throughout the Distribution and Supply chain helps provide knowledge and identify the path for our continued growth.

Partnerships with participants in the energy markets, global and local have played a key role in our business to date and will undoubtedly continue to do so as we move forward.

The Business Development team at Froil Energy FZC is led by seasoned experts predominately from the Energy, Engineering, Trading and Finance sectors. They have extensive experience in the energy sector both in developed and emerging markets. Their skills are in recognizing and evaluating progressive opportunities that are fundamental to the realization of our vision.

Focus on KYC (Know-Your-Customer)

Having one of the largest networks with Petroleum refineries and Bulk Consumers, the People behind Froil Energy FZC have a reputation of being the most reliable and competent team that fulfils the tailor-made demands of each of our customers.

Along with our working relationships with our customers going back decades, the key to these effective partnerships is our insistence on a prudent “Know-Your-Customer” (KYC) evaluation prior to execution of any contract or engagement in formal business dealings.

Partnerships with participants in the energy markets, global and local have played a key role in our business to date and will undoubtedly continue to do so as we move forward.

Our KYC evaluation is multi-faceted, designed to understand our counterparty’s commercial strength, compliance standing, and extending to incorporate our own sense of ethics into our assessment. We know the needs of our customers even before they place their orders!

Nexus to above stated, FROIL Energy FZC prudently follows a program to conduct appropriate Due Diligence prior to entering any deals or long-term partnerships.

How We Work

Froil Energy FZC is proud to act as a responsible corporate entity in its business activities around the world. We embrace innovation and have created a culture of compliance, teamwork and integration. Our management team is responsible for fostering and maintaining this culture throughout the company and works collectively and continually as a governing body to do this. Conducting our business with integrity and high ethical standards, and fostering an environment of mutual respect for all employees is imperative to our continued success.

One of our key strengths is the diversity of our workforce and with that in mind; we strive to maintain a collaborative, team-oriented structure. We believe that by fostering a unified, goal-oriented organization; the strengths of each individual can be achieved.

All employees regularly receive Compliance training, and are reminded of their responsibilities and obligations in respect of the company's core values and the ethical and legal standards expressed in the company’s Code of Business Conduct.

Our Management

FROIL Energy FZC is an open plan, office free environment and management endeavors to be open and approachable encouraging full communication between all individuals across the company. Our management team comprises representation from diverse backgrounds, a combination of equal minded, some new in this field and some having all life spent in oil trading, blending and dealing in sales. This structure ensures decisions are taken in consideration of all aspects and risks and are not just made based of the commercial terms. The management team expects a rigorous approach to assessment of deals and a strong ethical and compliance culture from all employees of the company.

Our Values

Froil Energy FZC Code of Conduct ("The Code") outlines the principles and core values to which all employees are required to adhere. The Code re-affirms our commitment to uphold the highest ethical standards at all times. The Code clearly defines expected behaviors and provides guidance to employees as to Froil Energy FZC principles and how and what employees should escalate to Compliance and or Management.

Froil Energy FZC has a whistle blowing policy and procedure which allows any individual within the organization to raise a concern (as well setting out the expectation for them to do so) about a situation that might represent a breach of our Code of Conduct or any other company policy. Concerns can be brought to the person’s immediate supervisor, another appropriate manager, the local Compliance Officer, or reported to the company’s ethic’s hotline (either by email or phone).

The company has in place a clear policy of no retaliation for any issues reported in good faith. Our Compliance and Management team is committed to ensuring any issues reported are taken seriously, and are followed through to resolution.

We expect all of our business partners to assist us to meet the responsibilities mentioned in our Code of Conduct and to actively support and respect our values and principles in their own business practices.

Our HSE Policy

Froil Energy FZC is committed to continual HSE improvement in its operations through active participation of our employees, contractors and the community. It shall take all reasonable measures at its disposal to protect the health and safety of its personnel as well as to protect the environment in which it operates. The Company firmly believes that sound HSE performance is key to ensuring sustainable business and shall thus be considered as integral part in business decision making process.

As its policy objectives, Froil Energy FZC shall, as a minimum:

  • Observe and comply with all HSE statutory requirements within our area of operations;
  • Mitigate the consequences of all types of incidents/accidents having potential harmful effect on personnel, assets and/or the environment;
  • Use commonly accepted levels of good oilfield HSE practice; and
  • Establish transparent HSE performance criteria and communicate them constructively internally and to interested parties.
  • To achieve the aforementioned defined objectives, Froil Energy FZC shall:
  • Develop and maintain an appropriate HSE Management System;
  • Hold all levels of management, staff and contractors accountable for HSE within their areas of responsibility;
  • Develop a positive HSE culture throughout the company through effective communication and training;
  • Conduct HSE reviews and audits in order to identify shortcomings within the organization and ensure compliance with local, international and corporate standards and regulations;
  • Ensure that contractors demonstrate full compliance with this policy; and
  • Develop and implement a Risk Assessment-based approach in conducting business operations.
  • In addition, Froil Energy FZC shall:
  • Establish good relations with local communities based on constructive mutual dialogue with regulators, community representatives, local authorities as well as other concerned parties on HSE and security matters of common interest;
  • Ensure optimal security standards are maintained to protect personnel, company assets and information; and

This policy is reviewed periodically to ensure continual improvement.